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Mandate, Mission and Objectives

Mandate, Mission and Objectives


To coordinate planning in the University and offer support to strategic and operational decision making in the University through collection, analysis and interpretation of institutional and externally sourced data.

Current Mandate

  • Generate planning awareness and capacity coupled with coordination of planning activities in mobilizing and utilizing human and financial resources.
  • Guide the formulation and implementation of strategic plans and projects for rehabilitation and sustained development of the University plant.
  • Develop suitable methods and techniques for the preparation of development and recurrent budgets of the University.
  • Monitor and Evaluate the implementation of planned activities using performance indicators.
  • Create a strong data base where data is collected, analyzed, stored and easily retrieved to underpin management and administrative functions.
  • Develop capacity for appraising and evaluating the viability of both new on-going academic programmes, policies, projects in order to enhance internal and external efficiency.
  • Develop functional coordinating and liaison capacity for all development partners.