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Strategic Planning

The Department takes lead in guiding the formulation and implementation of unit and overall University strategic plan(s).

The Strategic Plan(s), business plan(s) and project and programme proposals developed form the basis for charting out a more concrete resource mobilisation strategy.

It also coordinates the synthesis of institutional development projects and programmes for rehabilitation and sustained development of the University plant.

Institutional Research

The department in an effort to establish both the internal and external efficiency, regularly undertakes institutional performance assessment and policy analysis related studies in the following key areas among others:

  1. Graduate Tracer Studies and employment survey performance and opportunities
  2. Environmental Scanning for comparative higher education management practices and performance, business planning and financing of higher education.

Outputs from the studies are expected to inform not only the day to day management and decision making process of the University but also the strategic planning process of the Institution for quality and sustainable service delivery.

Resource Mobilisation and Investment

Information about resource mobilisation coming soon.

Cordination, Monitoring and Evaluation

In accordance with UOTIA 2001, the department on behalf of the University as required of public institutions, produces an annual report for the University. This is done through quarterly and yearly performance reviews of the implementation of activities as outlined in the strategic plan(s) of the University.

An M & E framework is in place outlining the performance review guidelines for the various planning units – the Colleges and Administrative support Units.

Besides the reviews, the Department also organises mini (every after 2-years) and major (every after 4-years) consultative Stakeholders’ Conferences aimed at updating stakeholders and development partners on key developments in the University, receiving feedback and enlisting their continued support and involvement especially in strategy formulation and Resource Mobilisation.


Support to Budgeting

As Co-secretariat to the Finance and Planning and Development Committee – a sub-Committee of the governing University Council, the department works together with the Finance Department to produce the consolidated University budget every financial year.

The rationale for this is to ensure integration between planning, programme/or service review and prioritized budget /or resource appropriation.