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Word from the Director

Word from the Director

Welcome to the Planning and Development (PDD) Department official Website. On behalf of the department, I wish to take this opportunity to introduce you to our website which has been newly redesigned in order to provide an electronic link between PDD, the University and the outside world.

The Planning and Development Department (PDD) is underlined by the long-established need to optimizing the University’s planning function in pursuit of her desired vision and mission. PDD as part of the reformed Makerere University organizational structure has integrated the Planning and Development Department (PDD) with the Resource Mobilisation Unit.

The newly reformed Makerere University organizational structure is characterized by the need:

  • For clearly delineated strategic organs, structures, mandates and processes that support the mission, goals and activities of the University;
  • To provide the University with high quality policy advice, good-timely information flows, and sound and well-timed informed decision-making;
  • To maximize efforts on matters that add value to the teaching and learning, research and innovations for better service delivery;
  • To ensure that resource allocation and academic planning are linked through a strategic approach to institutional development;
  • For devolution/delegation of decision-making powers to appropriate lower level of University structures in the spirit of coordinated decentralization;
  • For budget transparency and frugality in the utilization of allocated resources;
  • For efficient and effective organizational structures and processes in service delivery.

At the institutional level, the newly reformed Makerere University Organizational Structure has restructured institutional level directorates and departments for coordinating and supporting the vision, mission and strategic initiatives of the University within the framework of coordinated decentralization at the Constituent Colleges. The Planning and Development Department  is one of the departments resulting from the on-going administrative reform and restructuring exercise.

Ms. Florence Nakayiwa
Planning and Development Department,
Makerere University